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Kinetic Input Source

Kinetic energy is generated with body movement. In our daily routine there are  many opportunity to harness the kinetic energy generated by our movement to charge KBP. This can be achieve when we walk around, when we exercise in the appropriate machines.  As we move our bodies, kinetic energy is generated. This can be captured to charge up the KBP. One of the means to capture this kinetic energy is the shoes we wear and as we walk around the kinetic generated is harness. Other means are the exercise machine like the treadmill, stationary bike, walker and the watch we wear.

Solar Input Source

KBP  is a battery that store up energy as we go about with our daily activities. It is charged up by the clothes and apparels we wear that tap the solar energy as we move about in the open area. Some of these innovative fashion designs and apparels are reproduced to highlight some of the ways the solar energy can be tapped.


Copy of handcrank5


KBP Output Usage

Having harness and stored the Renewable Energies in the KBP, we can use it to power up the computer and the lights at our work station. It can also used to charge our mobile phone when required. Back home, the KBP can be used to power up the light fittings, laptop computers, Play Station Game console, digital camera and many others devices.

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