Hand Crank Mobile Power


Sick of your batteries dying at the very moment you need to make a call, flick on a flashlight, or find your position on a GPS when you are lost in the outdoors? Introducing the Hand Crank Mobile Power – an innovative and rapid kinetic electricity generator inspired by a fan or ratchet system. The Hand Crank Mobile Power is ideal for hikers and those who are constantly on the move – when you need a charge, simply extend the Hand Crank Mobile Power ’s arm and give it a whirl to generate a steady source of energy. Small and compact, the device tucks away nicely in your backpack, handbag, glove box or even your jacket pocket ready to save the day.



Technical specifications:         


Type SSD-320 Hand crank generator dc power supply
Lithium-ion Battery 2200mAh/3.7v
LED light power 1 W
Net weight 168g
Illumination distance About 100m
Output voltage/current 5v/1000mAh
USB charging voltage/current 5v/1000mAh
Generator output current 500-700mA 120-150r/min (At constant speed)
Lighting duration (battery fully charged) ≥11h
Duration of charging lithium-ion battery when using manual generation at rated speed 3h (same for charging using power outlet)


Compatible with MP3, iPhone, IPad, smartphones and other mobile digital products.



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