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Solar Power Inverter

  * Smart fan controlled by the load. * Low standby power cost, high conversion efficiency. * Perfect input, output protection, more reliable. * Humanized USB (1000mA) charging socket, more convenient.

Koyo Mini Jumpstarter

KY – MJS 01 G KY – MJS 04B KY – MJS  02B KY – MJS 03B Koyo Mini Jump Starter, is one of the world’s smallest jump starter and battery charger, serves the needs as an ultimate portable emergency power safety device. Not only is it powerful enough to jumpstart all 12-volt petrol vehicles, including Cars, Read More …

Hand Crank Mobile Power

Sick of your batteries dying at the very moment you need to make a call, flick on a flashlight, or find your position on a GPS when you are lost in the outdoors? Introducing the Hand Crank Mobile Power – an innovative and rapid kinetic electricity generator inspired by a fan or ratchet system. The Hand Read More …